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Si vous souhaitez acheter en UK, le shopping en ligne est maintenant accessible à tous - même vous! Il suffit de commander sur n'importe quel site en UK et avoir le colis livré à votre nouvelle adresse. Ou encore mieux - demandez-nous d'acheter en votre nom. Nos assistants aux shopping locaux traiteront l'ensemble du processus pour vous.

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We will store your pacakges in our United Kingdom's warehouse, which is located in Liverpool. We will send you a photo of the package as well, and you will be able to manage everything online - consolidation, declaration, carrier selection.

Nous réexpédions le colis à votre adresse.

Le colis peut être renvoyé immédiatement ou regroupé avec d'autres afin que vous économiez davantage sur le coût de livraison international depuis la UK. Grâce à notre volume important d'envois, nous offrons des rabais sur les frais d'expédition, jusqu'à 70%. Et ceux-là s'appliquerons pour vous.

UK stores - best online shops

UK online shopping has never been easier. Get orders delivered to your Tiptrans UK address; we will handle package on your behalf. Search for bags, clothes, electronics, boutiques, toys, dresses, shoes - british shops have it all. Shop as often as you like, all incoming packages are free of charge. You can also use our Assisted purchase service in UK - we will buy what you want and get it delivered to your Tiptrans box in the UK.

GBP exchange rate is £0.77 / 1USD

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Excellent Service and contact!

Florian Winkler

I have been really happy with Tiptrans' services:1. a.The website works well and looks clean and tidy, no IT bugs. b. The website seems to have been properly tested and any IT bugs present eliminated, unlike other providers of assisted purchase services. This matter might also be due to cultural factors and I am really grateful for the European origin of Tiptrans's owners.2. The shipping fees from China to the UK are reasonable and transparent, and I have never been charged any absurd amounts, in contrast to other providers of assisted purchase services.3. Account top ups through the Western Union work well, and it is not necessary to disclose one's credit card details.4. It is not difficult to contact the customer service people, by email and phone, and the customer service is helpful.To sum it all up, I am really happy !

Stephanie Helle-Singh

because you are a great company..

Kolade David