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Shop in any Chinese or European shop and have packages mailed to your new local address. Or let our local professional staff buy items for you. Great for samples too!
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Enjoy your very own space in ours China, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, UK, and Germany warehouses. Free package photo will be sent to you as soon as the package arrives.

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We can forward package right away to your address, OR you can consolidate them into a bigger package and send them together. That's the way how to save a lot of money!
Who we are
We happen to do business with China for more than ten years. To consolidate our orders, we also opened own Shenzhen warehouse in 2012 followed by Hong Kong in 2014. Two years later we've added warehouses in the Czech Republic, and Germany and in 2017 we've welcomed our newest family member - warehouse in the United Kingdom. We know the local environment, and even sometimes it's hard to make things done in China we did it. And you can enjoy European standards here, as we are people from EU.
Multiple warehouses
Even free membership allows you use our China (Shenzhen), Hong Kong, Europe (Czech Republic + Germany) and UK warehouse.
Assisted purchase
We are aware of language and cultural differences between EU/US and China. Unfortunately, many of best local e-shops don't have an English version. Luckily we have local employees that will take care of whole purchase process.
Consolidate packages
No matter how many packages you buy in China. We can make them as small as possible to avoid high international shipping rates. Small box or whole container? Yes, we can pack it!
Samples from factories
If you happen to be a business person you probably buy samples very often. Companies sometimes ask for high international shipping, which is not reasonable. We suggest using your new Chinese address as a place where samples suppose to be delivered. Many factories send items to local address for free and sometimes they even give you sample for free as well! And yes, you can consolidate more packages into one.
Business assistance
No matter how big or small you are. Every company needs some basics to stay calm. Find a supplier, verify supplier, onsite inspection, samples buying - you name it. We can help, please check our services

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How much will you pay?

Forward 1 package
to you.

Standard account: $5 + shipping cost
Premium account: $0 + shipping cost

Consolidate 10 packages
and send them to you.

Standard account: $10 + shipping cost
Premium account: $1 + shipping cost

Assisted purchase
(Taobao agent).

Item value 100USD
Standard account: $10 + shipping cost
Premium account: $6 + shipping cost

0.5 kg from China to United States

China Post | Airmal Registred (CN-UB)

4 - 30 days

10.73 USD

Hong Kong Post | Small packet

5 - 14 days

12.44 USD

DHL China | Express

3 - 5 days

38.75 USD

DHL Hong Kong | DOC

3 - 10 days

27.23 USD

TNT China | Economic parcel

3 - 5 days

39.11 USD

UPS Hong Kong | DOC

3 - 5 days

28.07 USD

EMS China | Air parcel

7 - 15 days

31.29 USD

Netherlands Post | Airmail (registered)

7 - 21 days

15.23 USD

FedEx Hong Kong | International Economy (small package)

5 - 13 days

30.53 USD

This is just a quick example, for more accurate results use our shipping calculator