Inspections in China.

Verify what are they saying.

Better save than sorry. You know that.

Sometime is essential check if informations provided by email or phone are true. Especially with new suppliers.

Our Inspection service is rarely used to check material by itself. Most popular is check if company really exists, if phone or bank account works or if they really loaded goods to the truck or container.

We couldn't recommend more to do this, even you think everything is OK. At least for first deal.

How exactly this works?

Of course it depends what do you need. We will check informations using email, phone, local goverment databases or in person.

Price list

$5 for setup (each case)
$10 for each (even unfinished) hour
We will add 5% on top of expenses

Why you should inspect partners in China?

  • Worry free cooperation with suppliers in China nad Hong Kong
  • Risk will be significantly lowered
  • Invest little bit more now and save a lot in a future
  • Better reputation in the suppliers eyes