Inspections in China

Leave Nothing to Chance!

You know what they say. Better safe than sorry.

And with fradulent traders on the increase, it's essential to check that all information provided by e-mail and phone is legit.

Our Inspection Service is rarely used to check material by itself. Firstly, we'll establish whether the company actually exists. We check phones, bank accounts, and whether goods are getting loaded onto trucks and containers.

We can't stress how important it is to carry out these checks. Especially when it comes to new suppliers.

How does it work exactly?

It all depends on the kind of checks you want to put in place. We can vet all information received via e-mail, phone, local goverment databases and in person.

Price list

$5 for set up (each case)
$10/hour (or part thereof)
Plus 5% of the total expenses

Why should businesses carry out checks on Chinese suppliers?

  • In short, peace of mind. The last thing you want is to end up with unnecessary hold-ups or red-tape issues with faraway suppliers in China or Hong Kong.
  • Minimize risk and potential damage to your business
  • Invest a little now to save a lot in the future
  • Build a better reputation with suppliers

  • What our customers think

    User friendly and interface straight forward enough to user. Shipping cost is a little on the high side.if able to bring down a little Say 5-10% will be great

    Kelvin Tsui

    Happy how the website works and how live chat is within reach, hoping shipping is as smooth, as i wait for my first delivery

    Magdiel Castillo

    Great service, many thanks...

    Francis BORDIER