Your Own Virtual Address in China

Your own Chinese address for forwarding parcels and receiving mail
Get your very own Chinese address in just 3 minutes!

With a virtual Chinese address, you get access to a massive global market. Shop at thousands of popular online stores in China and get your packages delivered to one of our Chinese warehouses. Buy any item online and ship to your Chinese address or combine multiple items to be sent as one package for significant savings on shipping. Check out our shipping rates.

Also, your address won't be some random PO Box. With Tiptrans, you get a bona fide Chinese address with a phone number included. Your Tiptrans Chinese address is the real deal.

Forwarding Address in China

Your new address will be based in Shenzhen, one of the fastest growing cities in China and a leading global technology hub. Bordering Hong Kong to the south, Shenzhen is ideally located to take advantage of a wealth of international connections. Most of our Chinese packages are transferred to Hong Kong, which ensures you get your packages fast and our shipping rates remain super-competitive. And remember, we'll never charge you any extra fees or taxes. Addresses are available in both English and Mandarin/Cantonese versions.

Forwarding Address in Hong Kong

Having a Hong Kong address is super convenient when making purchases in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Unlike China, Hong Kong levies no import tax on most of its merchandise. Also, some sellers in China won't ship to the mainland, but will ship to Hong Kong. Your address will be located on Hong Kong Island and includes a phone number.

We don't just offer addresses in China. You can also get personal addresses in Europe (Czech Republic, Germany, UK).

Price list

Free for Life!
Yes, that's right. With Tiptrans, you get your very own Chinese address for free. And we'll never charge you for inbound packages. Sign up now!

Benefits of a Chinese Address

  • Get orders from China delivered to a real Chinese address.
  • Combine multiple purchases and have them shipped in a single package to your home address.
  • Enjoy our lowest Shipping rates from China and experience huge savings on international shipping.
  • Your addresses in China and Hong Kong aren't just PO boxes. They're real addresses, allowing us to handle packages on your behalf.

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