Mails and parcels forwarding from China.

Get your Chinese packages forwarded to your address!

China has a lot to offer. Tens of thousands e-shops are full of incredible cheap products. The only problem is that local shops usually do not ship to other countries. But we got a solution - with your Chinese address you can get orders delivered to our warehouse and we will forward packages to you, wherever you are from.

It' a common practice that you place orders in more shops. In this case, we can consolidate all your packages and ship them as one. It results in huge savings on international shipping cost.

Which shipping company we will use?

You will make that desition. We cooperate with all the main shipping companies. China Post, Hong Kong Post, DHL, TNT, UPS. As soon as your package arrives at our warehouse (or we make a consolidation), you will see how much each shipping method cost. Then you can select the one you prefer.Check our shipping rates from China

Price list

Package forwarding
$5 for each package + shipping cost
Check our shipping rates from China

$5 for each request

Or be our Premium Member and we will not charge you for above services.

Why you should use our parcel forwarding service?

  • We offer cheap international shipping from China - our prices are lower than most e-shop prices.
  • Big savings thanks to packages consolidation
  • Goods inspection before they leave China - save problems with quality issues.
  • Fast package processing, free photo of every package.
  • You can write online your document for customs authorities.