Your Own Virtual European Addresses

Your own European address for forwarding parcels and receiving mail
Get your very own EU address in just 3 minutes!

Europe is a shopping haven. OK it might not be as cheap as in China, but you can still pick up original and exclusive items at competitive prices. Shop online at thousands of EU stores and get your packages delivered to one of our EU warehouses. Buy any item online for delivery to your EU address or combine multiple items to be sent as one package for significant savings on shipping. Check out our great shipping rates.

No PO boxes. Our addresses are the real deal.

Forwarding Address in Germany

Germany is a huge market that offers a whole host of shopping opportunities, with a wide range of sellers from other European countries shipping to Germany at discounted rates. All packages are stored in our German warehouse located on the border with the Czech Republic. Tiptrans customers can also choose from a number of Czech online stores when shipping, with all transfers free of charge! Just remember though, your German address isn't suitable for accepting packages from non-EU countries.

Forwarding Address in the UK

The UK market is an online shopper's paradise. Get access to thousands of the latest brands at the most competitive prices without leaving your home. Open your free account and get a local address in the UK. Get your UK orders delivered to your virtual Tiptrans UK address. We'll put everything into one package and get them to you in no time. We offer fast and secure shipping.

Forwarding Address in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a world leader when it comes to e-commerce. Buy almost anything and get it delivered within 24 hours. And as we ship from both the Czech Republic and Germany, we can offer excellent international shipping rates. Not only that, Tiptrans Czech address holders can also accept packages from non-EU countries.

You don't just get address in Europe. Tiptrans also gives you addresses in China and Hong Kong.

Price list

FREE for Life!
Yes, that's right. With Tiptrans, you get your very own European addresses for FREE. And we'll never charge you for inbound packages. Sign up now!

Benefits of an EU Address

  • Get orders from anywhere in Europe delivered to your very own EU address.
  • Combine multiple purchases and have them shipped in a single package to your home address.
  • Enjoy our lowest Shipping rates and experience huge savings on international shipping costs.
  • Your EU addresses aren't just PO boxes. They're virtual addresses that allow us to handle packages on your behalf.

  • What our customers think

    I have been really happy with Tiptrans' services:1. a.The website works well and looks clean and tidy, no IT bugs. b. The website seems to have been properly tested and any IT bugs present eliminated, unlike other providers of assisted purchase services. This matter might also be due to cultural factors and I am really grateful for the European origin of Tiptrans's owners.2. The shipping fees from China to the UK are reasonable and transparent, and I have never been charged any absurd amounts, in contrast to other providers of assisted purchase services.3. Account top ups through the Western Union work well, and it is not necessary to disclose one's credit card details.4. It is not difficult to contact the customer service people, by email and phone, and the customer service is helpful.To sum it all up, I am really happy !

    Stephanie Helle-Singh

    Accurate,Fast response, Organized, Helpful feedback.

    Makky Makky

    you guys are life savers! i'm happy i found your service. i save a lot of money from not having to ship samples one by one.

    Charis Petrasitis