Your real addresses in EU.

Our addresses in Europe (for parcel forwarding and mail receiving)
Get your new addresses in the European Union in 3 minutes!

Europe is a shopping paradise. It's maybe not cheap like in China, but on the other hand, you can get many original and exclusive items for a fair price. You can shop for thousands of e-shops and have packages delivered to our warehouse. We will forward the package to your address or consolidate more packages into one, so you can save a lot of money as international shipping rates tend to be expensive. Check our shipping prices

Addresses are real, not PO BOX.

Forwarding address in Germany

Germany is huge, and there is a plenty of options for shopping. Also many sellers from other European countries ships to Germany for cheap rates. All packages are stored in our Germany warehouse (it's on the border with the Czech Republic, and you will be able to select also CZ companies for shipping - transfer is free of charge). This address is not suitable to accept packages coming from non-EU states.

Forwarding address in the UK

The United Kingdom is a shopping paradise, everyone knows it. Latest products are widely available, often at discounted prices. Open your free account and get a virtual address in United Kingdom. Have your UK orders delivered to your Tiptrans box; we will consolidate them and send to your home. Fast and safe.

Forwarding address in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a world-class leader when it comes to e-commerce. You can buy almost everything there and get it delivered within 24 hours to your box. We offer excellent international rates (Czech and German from one place) for shipping. And this address is also able to accept packages from non-EU states.

Beside addresses in Europe, you will also get addresses in China

Price list

Free for life
Hum, sounds suspicious to you? No need. You will get your European address for free, and we won't charge you for incoming packages. Be our guest!

Your EU address advantages

  • Get orders from whole Europe delivered to your real address.
  • Consolidate packages and have them mailed in a single package to your home address.
  • Enjoy our lowest shipping rates, you will save a lot on international shipping cost
  • Your virtual address in Germany, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic are not PO BOX but real places where we will handle packages on your behalf.