Assistance in China

Relax. We've got China covered!

Shopping online in China isn't always easy. As a company based in Europe, Tiptrans knows the Chinese way of doing business can be quite different.

We've over 15 years' experience in handling a variety of special requests related to shopping in China. Whether it's an issue with a supplier, payment or language, we're here to help. Just let us know and we'll get things sorted.

Price list

Special Request
$10/hour (or part thereof)

Professional Assistance in China

  • We'll attend to any issues you're having in China. Just let us know how we can help!

  • What our customers think

    Díval jsem se na zboží na a a některé zboží je až 3 krát levnější než stejné zboží na A i doprava vychází levněji, tedy předpokládám, že budu, až začnu Tiptrans více využívat spokojen. Zatím jsem si jen poslal SIM kartu.

    Lubomír Klubus

    Very professional support

    Hisham FagElNour

    Probably the most creative forwarding system I ever used. So easy it feels like I was born for it. Great user interface!

    Zed Sefi