Suppliers sourcing in China and Hong Kong.

Get the right partner in China.

Someone might say China is the biggest factory on the Earth, producing almost everything. Well. It's true.

You can be splendid in your business but this - unfortunately - doesn't mean you found the best product supplier. It always worth a try I would say.

Maybe you are a small startup looking how to fill your brand new eshop.

For us it doesn't matter, we will always do our best to give you a suppliers list which fits your needs. We have a lot of experiences with this so we bet you won't be disappointed.

How exactly this works?

We need hear from you what are you looking for. Then we start searching for potential suppliers which result in the list we will give to you. It will contain only verified suppliers and might include the latest price list. We request you to be very specific about the what are you looking for.

Price list

Sourcing in China
$50 for setup (5 hours included)
$10 for each (even unfinished) hour

Find right suppliers in China

  • List of potential suppliers from China or Hong Kong will be ready within few days.
  • We will verify all information
  • Easy to compare with your current supplier (if there is any)
  • All documents comes in English