Why Tiptrans?

Local addresses
As a Tiptrans user, you get local addresses in different countries. This allows you to shop like a local with no restrictions on delivery. And your Tiptrans address is the real deal, not some random PO Box. Tiptrans stores your purchased goods at our local warehouses. You also get your own Tiptrans box and can easily manage everything to do with your account online. You can either ship your package straight away or group multiple packages into one consolidated shipment.

Great value shipping rates
Due to the high volume of shipments we handle, we're able to offer big discounts on shipping. You'll save even more when you upgrade to one of our Premium plans.

Sign Up

There's no fee for signing up on Triptrans. Your virtual addresses will be ready to accept inbound deliveries as soon as you register. Our service is available in every country around the world.

Inbound Packages

You can receive inbound packages as soon as you sign up. We identify each package based on the suite number included in your address. So there's no need to inform us you're sending a package first. Once your package arrives at our warehouse, we'll add it to your personal Tiptrans box and send you an e-mail to let you know it's here.

What if you can't identify my package?
In that case we'll try to contact the shipper. Usually it's because the shipper hasn't filled in your address properly. If we can't get in contact with them, we'll put the package aside and wait for you to notify us of the missing package. In most cases we'll then be able to identify your package based on the shipping number.

Can I receive mail as well as parcels?
Sure, you can use your Tiptrans box to receive regular mail, magazines, catalogues and books. But first you need to upgrade to Premium membership. We treat all incoming mail the same as parcels. We also offer a scanning service.

I've just received the message 'Package is ineligible for international shipping'. What should I do? Sometimes we receive packages in pretty poor condition. In these cases we keep them as-is, allowing you to group them with other packages into one consolidated shipment later on. However, if you want a poorly packed item delivered immediately we'll need to repack it. Repacking is subject to a service fee and can be ordered directly from your account.

Do you accept COD?
In certain cases. For example, it's common for suppliers in China to request that the shipping cost be paid by the recipient. We're happy to accept these packages for a COD service fee. If you need us to accept COD for regular merchandise, please contact us prior to shipment.

Do you charge a storage fee?
You can store packages in your Tiptrans box at any of our warehouses FREE of charge for up to 30 days. However, if your package remains in your box for longer than 30 days OR you send a package to an already full box, we will charge you a storage fee. This fee is calculated proportionally. So if your package is small you'll pay a small fee and a higher fee for bigger packages. For more details, see our price list or read our article How Tiptrans calculates storage fees.

Outbound Shipping

How do I ship my package?
You can do that online through your Tiptrans account. Simply log in, select your carrier, fill in the customs declaration and place your shipment order. Remember we'll never ship until you instruct us to do so.

Where can I fill in a customs declaration?
Simply log in to your Tiptrans account, go to 'Package Detail' and fill in the customs declaration. Just remember it's your responsibility to declare your items correctly. We'll then attach the document to your package. If you're not sure about the contents of your package, you can ask us to take photos of your items. To do this, simply place a 'Special Request' under 'Content Photos'. We'll then add 3 photos to your package detail.

What items can't be shipped?
There are a number of items that are either prohibited or restricted depending on which warehouse your package is shipped from. For the full list of items, visit the 'Prohibited and Restricted Items' section. Generally prohibited items include explosive materials, firearm/gun parts, scopes, red dot sights, reflex sights, ammunition, flammable items, pornography, corrosive materials, human remains and live or dead plants/animals. To see a carrier-specific list, please go to the Shipping Methods section of our website.

Can I use my own carrier to ship?
Yes, you can. However, we charge a fee for manual processing on our end. Simply order our "Third-Party Pick-up" service and let us know who'll be picking up your package(s). Select 'Local Pick-up' as your carrier and then place your order as you would for any other package.

Can I change my shipping address?
Yes, but you can only use one shipping address at a time. Just remember that if you're paying by PayPal, your PayPal delivery address needs to match your Tiptrans account address. Any change you make to your shipping address on Tiptrans is subject to manual approval. If you want your package(s) shipped to a different address you'll need to pay by bankwire or Bitcoin.

Can I drop ship to different customer addresses?
Yes, we offer a drop shipping service. To request this service, please let us know your requirements using the contact form and we'll get back to you. Payment for drop shipping can only be made by bank wire or Bitcoin. Please note: You cannot forward your package to another forwarding company or to another address within the same country unless you're a Business Premium member using our drop shipping service.

Do Premium members get better shipping rates?
No. Our great value shipping rates are available across the board to all members.

Can I order an LCL or FCL shipment?
We specialize in air shipments but unfortunately we do not offer container shipments. If you have such shipment it makes sense to find a sea freight forwarder and have your goods shipped directly from your supplier to your address, there is no need for a middle-man. However, in some cases it still makes sense to use our service. If you have multiple suppliers you might consolidate all your goods in our warehouse and then ask your sea freight forwarded to pick up goods at our location.

Can you help me with duties?
We don't offer that service unfortunately. However, you can prepare your own customs invoice directly through your account. Most other shipping companies will provide you with this service for a small fee.

Do you provide tracking numbers for shipments?
Yes. All our shipments include tracking numbers.

Will my packages be insured?
All packages include basic insurance. If your package is lost we will refund you the shipping cost. However, damage to your package and the cost of goods are not covered under basic insurance. But you can opt for full insurance if desired. To insure your items against potential damage AND loss, just log in to your acount and opt for full insurance. For further details, see here.

Why can't I see my tracking number immediately?
When shipping from China using a non-domestic carrier like DHL Hong Kong or Singapore Post, the tracking number only becomes available once we receive your package at our collection point, which can be located in a different country. We kindly ask for your patience as it can take up to 5 days for your tracking number to appear online.

Packages, Consolidation

How does consolidation work?
Consolidation involves grouping multiple items into one package which is then sent as one shipment. You can reduce your package size by discarding external boxes to ship the retail packaging only. Or to get the biggest savings on shipping, you can discard all external and internal packaging except for the products themselves. You'll only pay one consolidation fee no matter how many packages you group together. And you can manage everything online from your account.

How long will you keep my packages for?
For a maximum of 90 days. You can store packages for FREE for up to 30 days provided you don't exceed your storage capacity. There are no time or storage limits for Business Premium members (except for Hong Kong warehouse). If your package(s) remain in your Tiptrans box for longer than your allocated storage period, we'll send you a series of reminders. If we don't hear from you, your packages will be destroyed.

Payment Methods

What are my payment options?
PayPal is the most convenient method when paying online. You can also do an online transfer to our bank accounts in Hong Kong or Germany. EURO SEPA payments should be made to our Czech republic or German account. We accept Bitcoin payments, too.

What if my country doesn't support PayPal?
That's fine. You can still wire money to us through Western Union or pay by card. We'd just ask you to contact our customer support team as card payments may not always be supported on all accounts.

Can I pay through someone else's PayPal account even if I don't have an account myself?
No. We don't accept third-party payments on PayPal. The name and address on your Tiptrans account must match your PayPal account. If you pay via a third party we'll put your account on hold pending further investigation.

Is there a limit on the amount I can spend?
All online payments are subject to a monthly spending limit depending on the status of your account, i.e. the limit will be higher for more frequent users. If you've reached your limit you can still top up your account by bank wire in any amount.

What happens to my unspent balance?
Any credit you have left over will remain in your account for you to use later on. You can also request a refund of your remaining balance, which can take up to 7 days to process.

Do you charge any extra fees on payments?
We charge 5% of your total amount to cover online handling fees. If you're wiring money to us, we charge a $10 fee to cover the bank fee we pay on each international transaction, e.g. if you send us $50 we only receive $40. There is a $50 minimum on all bank wire payments. We only charge a $1 fee for EURO SEPA payments to our German or Czech bank account.

Chargebacks & PayPal Claims
If you believe you're entitled to a chargeback or wish to file a PayPal claim, we strongly recommend you contact us beforehand to resolve any issue. Otherwise we reserve the right to close your account with immediate effect. If you're a merchant and you believe you've been the victim of credit card fraud, please notify us immediately. We'll return your merchendise and close the offending account. We operate a zero tolerance policy on all fraudulent activity.

Shopping, Assistance & Placing Orders

What if a merchant doesn't accept my card?
No problem. Just order our Assisted Purchase service and we'll process your payment. Please check our price list for full details.

How do I make an Assisted Purchase?
Simply submit an Assisted Purchase request from your account. Next, we'll contact the supplier to get details on product availability and the local shipping cost. We'll then calculate the final price for you to confirm. Once we recevie your payment, we'll buy your product for you and arrange delivery to your Tiptrans address.

How do I fill in my delivery address in Chinese?
Log in to your acount an you'll find the Chinese translation of your address under 'Your Local Addresses'.

Should I use the Tiptrans warehouse phone number when entering my delivery contact details?
Yes, but only when delivering to our Chinese warehouse. If possible, do not use our UK, German or Czech warehouse phone numbers, as it can lead to confusion over account details. We recommend using a local Skype number when using our EU warehouses.

What if you're unable to buy my product or I don't agree to the final price?
We'll refund you the total cost minus a $1 service fee.

Account, Security, Verification

What should I do if my account's been put on hold?
There's no need to contact us. It's usually because we've detected something odd with your account or a payment didn't go through. The most common reason is that your PayPal address didn't match your Tiptrans account address. These addresses must match in order to meet PayPal's seller/buyer protection terms. If you need to use a delivery address other than the one linked to your Tiptrans account, we recommend using another payment method. Please bear with us and we'll get back to you with further details, normally within 1 working day.

Why do you need to verify my identity?
Security and fraud protection is our highest priority. Tiptrans takes proactive steps to make sure all of the information we receive is legitimate. Therefore we may ask you to confirm your identity. Once you pass our identity test, we'll increase your verification level and spending limit.

Do you open packages?
In most cases, we do not open your packages. But those are subject to our screening process. There are exceptions - we open all packages leaving our Chinese warehouse. In other countries, we will open the package if we suspect the content to be shipped is restricted. If our suspicion turns out to be true, we might dispose of the content or even suspend your account permanently. Eventually, we will notify law enforcement if it's appropriate. Also, please note the package might be inspected by the carrier as well.

How do I close my Tiptrans account?
Just send us a message via our contact form notifying us of your wish to cancel. Make sure to provide us with your name and suite number.

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