What are Tiptrans main benefits?

Local address
All customers gets local addresses in different countries. This allows them to shop with same comfort, as they live in those countries. Addresses are real, not PO BOX. Purchased goods are stored in Tiptrans warehouses, each customer has own Tiptrans Box managed online from our application. Each package can be mail out right away, or consolidated later.

Better shipping rates
Tiptrans has big discounts on shipping rates thanks to huge volumes of shipments. Therefore you will save even if you pay us service fee.

Sign Up

There is no Sign Up fee at this moment. Your addresses will be ready instantly as soon as you finish registration. Our service is available to all countries around the world.

Inbound packages

We are ready receive your packages as soon as you finish registration. You do not need tell us you are expecting package. We will recognize every package by your Suite no. and will attach it to your Tiptrans box (we will notify you by email).

What if we can't recognize package owner?
It sometime happens we are not able identify right customer. This is mostly caused because shipper didn't fill address properly. In this case we try contact shipper and if this fails we put package aside waiting till customer contact us with missing package claim. After this we are usualy able to identify package thanks to shipping number.

Can I receive mails instead of parcels? Like magazines, books, letters, catalogs..
Yes, you can use your Tiptrans box to receive letters, but you need to have a Premium plan. We will tread all incoming mails same way as parcels. The scanning service is available as well.

I am not able to order mail out. My account says "Package is not eligble to international shipping". What should I do? Sometime are pacakges delivered in very bad condition, or just in thin plastic bag. We keep them as they are, because you might be interested in consolidation later. However, if you want ship them out we need re-pack them. This is subject to service fee and you can order this service directly from your account.

Do you accept COD?
Mainly in China it's common your supplier (for example if you order samples) will send package on receiver expenses. We will accept this and will charge this into your account. However we do not accept COD for merchandise.

Do you charge storage fee?
Every customer has allocated part of our warehouse (this depends on warehouse and customer's plan). All packages can stay in this box free of charge for 30 days - we will not charge any storage fee. However, if your package remains in warehouse longer than 1 month, OR if you get new package to your already full box we will charge storage fee. This fee is counted proportionally, so if your package is small, you will pay small fee and higher fee for bigger packages. Please check our price list for prices. Feel free to read our article How Tiptrans calculate storage fees to get more info.

Outbound shipping

How can I order shipment of my package?
This can be achieved in your account. You firstly need select carrier and fill customs declaration. After this you will be able order mail out. Please be noted we will not proceed your packages until you do so, even if you selected carrier and filled declaration.

How could I fill custom declaration?
You can do this in your account, when you open package detail. Please understand it's your responsibility to fill correct declaration, we will just attach this document to your package. If you are not sure what is inside package you can place Special Request called "Content photos". We will add 3 content photos to your package detail.

What can not be shipped?
There are some items which can not be shipped in general. Such as explosive materials, firearms parts, gun parts, scope, red dot sight, reflex sight, ammunition, flammable items, pornography, corrosive materials, human remains, live or dead plants or animals and many others. Please refer to our shipping methods to see full list for each carrier.

Is there a way how to use some other shipping method? Or can I use my billing account?
Yes, you are use your own forwarder/carrier. However, we charge a fee for this, as it require manual processing from our side. Firstly you need order "Pickup by 3rd party" service and let us know who will pickup your package(s). And finally you order dispatch, like for any other package, by selecting "Local pickup" as a carrier.

I want to ship my package to another address, is it possible?
Every customer can have only one shipping address. You might change this address, but it's subject to manual approval. In case you use Paypal for payment we require ship package to address you filled in Paypal. If you want ship package to different address you will need recharge your account by bankwire / BTC.

I want ship more packages to different addresses (drop shipping), how to do it?
We do offer drop shipping service. It means we can ship each package directly to your customer. However, this feature needs to be approved by us and you need to make your first (or more) payment by bank wire/bitcoin. Please contact us by contact form to discuss further.
Also, please note forwarding your package to another forwarding company or another local address is not allowed.

Do you offer better shipping prices to some customers, or based on selected plans?
No, our shipping prices are best we have and those are available to all customers.

I want ship LCL/FCL, could you do this?
Yes, but there is no online calculator available. We will be happy to calculate sea shipping cost for you in case your goods is in our warehouse. If you intent to ship one package only (directly from factory) than we suggest you use directly some sea forwarder instead as it will be cheaper than handle it over our place.

Will you help me with duties?
You can prepare custom invoice directly from your account. We can't handle this for you, however almost every shipping company will assist you with this for small fee.

Do you provide tracking numbers for shipments?
All our shipmens are include tracking numbers.

Are packages insured?
All packages will have some basic insurance. It depends on carrier's policy; please check directly relevant terms on their web pages. Usually - in the case of lost you are eligible to get back the shipping cost. Damage is not covered at all. However, we offer the option for full insurance which includes not only shipping cost, but also potential damage or loss. You can buy it directly from our app. More details here.

My tracking number shows nothing, or error
This is probably because you shipped package from China using some non native carrier, like Hong Kong post, Singapore post etc. Please understand that we firstly need transport packages to collecting point from which is tracking available. This usualy takes 1, but sometime up to 5 days. Please be patient.

Packages, Consolidation

How consolidation works?
You might ask for consolidation. This means we create one package from your packages. You can select different ways how to do it. We can just insert all your packages into new box, or we can throw away outer boxes and keep only retail packing or we can even throw away anything except products - this is most effecient speaking of shipping cost. You will pay only one consolidation fee, no matter how many packages we consolidate. Everything is managed from your account.

How long can I store my packages?
Maximum allowed time is 90 days (30 days for free if you stay within your allocated size). This limit does not apply for Business Premium plan which comes with unlimited storage time. We will send you a few reminders before we proceed to the liquidation of the overdue package(s).

Payments methods

What payments method are supported?
At this moment we are using Paypal solution for online payments (this include Paypal account but also credit card payments even if you don't have Paypal account - you need check out as a guest) and we also accept bank wire payments to our bank accounts in Hong Kong and Germany (good for EURO (SEPA) payments). We also do accept Bitcoins.

What if I can't use Paypal? My country is not supported
In this case you still can use bank wire or we can accept Skrill or Western Union payments. Please contact our customer support prior money sending.

I do not have Paypal, but my friend/colegue has. Can he pay on my behalf?
No. We do not accept 3rd party payments. Your name and address in account has to match your Paypal account. If we recognize payment from 3rd party we will put your account on hold and payment will be subject to further investigation.

How much shall I send you? Is there any limit I can spend with you?
All online payments might be subject to monthly spending limit which might be applied to your account. This limit will be higher for well established account. If you reached your limit you still can charge your account by bank-wire, those payments are not subject to limitations.

What happen my unspend balance?
Your money will remains on your account as a balance, you can use them later or you can ask for refund, we will do this within 7 days.

Do you charge any extra fees for payments?
We charge 5% to cover online payments fees and $10 for bank wire payments (except EURO/SEPA payment from EU to our Germany account, here is the fee only $1). Therefore we recommend you send more than $50 when using bank wire. This is because we need pay fee to the bank for each international transaction. This means you send us $50, but we receive only $40. If we pay $50 shipping cost for your package we will lost $10. So it's necessary and it's not negotiable.

Chargebacks, Paypal claims
Please always contact us prior you do chargeback or fill Paypal claim otherwise we reserve right close your account immediatelly. If you are a merchant and you believe you are a victim of credit card fraud let us know, we have will return your merchendise back and close customer account, we have zero tolerance policy on this.

Shopping, Assistance, Placing orders

Local merchant don't accept my card, can you help?
You can use our Assisted Purchase service and we will handle everything for you. Please check our price list for prices.

How Assisted Purchase works?
All you have to do is submit Assisted Purchase request from your account. We will contact supplier and get more details (like if product is available, how much cost local shipping etc.). We will calculate final price and send it to you to review. As soon as you pay we will buy product for you and it will be delivered to your Tiptrans box.

I do not understand Chinese, how can I fill delivery address?
Please check your account, we prepared detailed explanation with all chinese characters

Can I use your phone number for delivery?
It's very common in China that couriers call to those numbers before delivery, therefore we suggest you use our numbers there. On the other hand for European warehouse please do not use our numbers as some retailers might find same number under different name and credit cards and this might lead into problems with your account. You can use Skype to get local number for many countries.

What if you will be unable buy product for me?
If the product is sold out or you don't agree with final price we will refund you initial charge minus $1 service fee.

Account, Security, Verification

My account is on hold, what should I do?
We put you on hold if our system find something unusual with your account or with your payment. We know about this and will be back to you with more details within 24 hours during working days. You do not need contact us.

This is mostly related to Paypal payments - please always make sure, your Shipping address in Paypal (which can be edited in your Paypal account) is THE SAME like on Tiptrans. This is necessary in order to accept your Paypal payments and meet Seller/Buyer protection terms as requested by Paypal. If you are not able to set required shipping address than you might use another payment method.

Why you want verify my identity?
Security and fraud protection is our highest priority. We have to deal with many countries and sometime we are not sure who is behind email. Therefore we might ask you to confirm your identity. If you pass we will increase your verification level and spending limit.

I want close my Tiptrans account
Please contact us using contact form with your name and Suite number.