Assisted Purchase in China

What you want to buy?

This service is also well known as Taobao agent or China agent. However, we are not focused on Taobao only; we can buy anything for you. Just insert URL of your product and we will buy in on your behalf.

How it works?

  1. Create shopping list.

  2. Our shoppers specialists will calculate final price

  3. You pay to us (your payment will be safe, no risk with unknown sellers)

  4. We will buy and get items delivered to your Tiptrans box.

  5. You can store more packages and consolidated them if you wish.

  6. We will send your packages to your country using your preferred carrier.


Assisted purchase fee
Our fee is only $5 for each 10 items on shopping list (quantity doesn't matter) + 5% from total amount
100% safe guaranteed
You will get 100% money back within three days if we will not be able to buy products for you.
Checked and stored
We will check every item when to arrive and send you a photo of every package. You can keep them in our warehouse (for later consolidation) or send them right away to your address.
We accept Paypal payments (this include credit cards), bank wire payments (to our account in Germany, Czech Republic or in Hong Kong) and Bitcoins.

You can trust us

  • 9+ years experience in China.
  • 5 warehouses (China + Hong Kong + Germany + UK + the Czech Republic)
  • Company management from Europe
  • Safe payment (Paypal, Bank transfer to Hong Kong, Czech Republic or Germany)
  • Fully automated system, you know every step we did.
  • Reliable shipping cost - we have discounts up to 70% from regular price lists.
  • Save money. Buy in cheap China e-shops.

    China / Taobao agent
    We will buy anything for you!

    Chinese people know how to make a business. They run tonnes of e-shops. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of them offers any other language but Chinese. But this will not stop you get items home anyway.

    Our local team can buy anything. Simply show us what do you need and we will take care of it. This service includes order and payment.

    In some cases, we will need collect items personally, and we are ready to do it. We are also able to use own shipping company if a seller was asking too high shipping price.

    Many companies also allow Cash On Delivery payment which is our preferred choice as significantly decrease the risk of fraud. This payment method means we pay at the moment as the package arrives at our warehouse.

    How to tell us what do you need to buy?

    Please understand that this is very important. We need to know exactly what are you about to buy - the best way is to send us a www link to a specific product, or some English/Chinese detailed description with pictures. We don't want to face any mistakes here.

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