Assisted Purchase in China

What do you want to buy?

Tiptrans provides a personal shopping service much like the Taobao agent system. Whatever you've got your eye on, we can buy it for you. Just insert your product's URL and we'll do the rest.

How does it work?

  1. Create a shopping list

  2. Our personal shoppers will calculate the final price

  3. All payments are secure, with zero risk from unknown sellers

  4. We purchase your items and get them delivered to your local Tiptrans address

  5. Combine multiple items and get them shipped as one package

  6. We send your packages using your preferred carrier

Terms and conditions
Tiptrans will use its payment methods to buy the desired item on behalf of the customer
Tiptrans is just a payment and service provider, while the Customer is an ultimate buyer
Tiptrans bear no responsibily for the product/content of the packaging; any warranty and return obligations are solely at the Seller discretion
Tiptrans will assist the Customer in the case of return the product - subject to the Seller terms and will re-route refunded payment back to the customer


Assisted Purchase fee
Purchase as many items as you want. Tiptrans charges $5 for every 10 items you add to your shopping list + 5% of the total amount.
100% secure shipping guaranteed
If we're not able to buy your preferred items, we'll issue you a full refund within three days.
Checked and stored
We inspect all items and then send you a photo of each package. Store multiple purchases in our warehouse for a one-time shipment or get an individual item sent straight away.
We accept PayPal, most major credit cards and Bitcoin. You can also transfer money to our bank accounts in Germany, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.

You can trust us

  • 15+ years' experience in China
  • 5 warehouses (China + Hong Kong + Germany + UK + Czech Republic)
  • Tiptrans is a European-based comany run from the EU
  • Secure payment via PayPal or bank transfer to Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and Germany
  • Fully automated system. Transparency at every step.
  • Unbeatable shipping rates. We offer discounts of up to 70% on regular prices.
  • Get the best deals in Chinese online stores and enjoy huge savings!

    China / Taobao agent
    We can purchase any item on your behalf!

    China knows how to do business, with thousands of online stores selling discounted items all year round. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of online stores in China are translated into English. But don't let that stop you. With Tiptrans, we'll do your shopping for you.

    Our local shoppers will find the items you need. Just tell us what you want and let Tiptrans take care of the rest. The Assisted Purchase service includes ordering and payment.

    We're happy to collect items in person if needed. And we'll use our own shipping company if a seller's shipping rates are too high.

    Most companies in China use cash on delivery. COD is also our prefered payment method. It significantly decreases the risk of fraud and ensures we only pay out when goods arrive at our warehouse.

    What product information do I need to give you?

    OK, this bit's important. We need as much detailed information as possible about the item(s) you want to buy. We recommend sending a webpage URL linked to each specific product. Any description and/or images of the product(s) are also helpful. That way we don't mess up your order!

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    What our customers think

    It s an excellent for my business

    Milan Khan

    Здарова пацаны!

    Illya Zhylin

    Smooth to send packages to here, and after that send to my place

    Jonas Björk